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2 Way Manual Seat Adjuster Press



This machine was the final part of a process to manufacture automotive seat frames.  Seat frame rails and adjuster mechanisms were assembled here and then pressed together as demonstrated in the video below. 


The control system consisted of a stand-alone Siemens S7-400 processor with a TP170 Operator Interface.  The gantry was controlled using a Siemens 611U Servo drive.  Most devices, including solenoid packs and proximity switches, were connected via a ProfiBus network.  Other networks were used for the DVT vision system (EtherNet), the printer (serial), and the Cognex barcode vision scanner (also serial).

We were contracted to debug and pre-commission this section of the line.  We also optimized cycle time of the process and were responsible for integrating the 2D Bar Code vision system.  It was used to read 2 load cell sensors on each frame (when applicable) and the data was saved to a database for further processing.  The PLC was programmed using both ladder logic and Siemens SCL language.

  This video shows the seat frame parts being pressed together to form the finished product.  As the press is operating, the gantry moves into position and then transfers the part to the exit conveyor.   

Click the image and select 'Open' to see the line in action.




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