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Smokehouse Control System


We programmed and commissioned a smoked meat processing line in Saskatchewan.  Used primarily for cooking hotdogs with an application of a natural or artificial smoke, this line has made it possible to achieve a continuous process (as opposed to standard batch houses where the product must be manually loaded/unloaded from each cooking and cooling process).

The line is controlled by an Allen-Bradley SLC 5/05 PLC Processor and an Industrial PC running RSView in a Windows NT environment. The two communicate using Ethernet protocol which allows for very fast update times (10 Mbaud).  All machine functions are controlled and monitored by the PLC while the IPC is used as an operator interface (through a touchscreen) to set conditions, monitor values, etc.  The system has been set up to automatically create activity logs, data logs and exception reports giving the customer the opportunity to strictly monitor the process. In addition, the system is configured to allow dialup from a remote location.  This allows us to monitor and/or troubleshoot the process in real time from here in Whitby.













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