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600 Tonne Stamping Press



We provided a complete control system for this refurbished, AIDA 600 Tonne Stamping press.  It is a full-revolution press that has 5 modes of operation (Off, Microinch, Inch, Single, and Continuous) and is capable of running with up to four, dual-palm operator stations.  Meeting the current CSA code for punch presses (CAN/CSA-Z142-M90), we used dual, redundant Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 PLCs (AB Kit 6556 - SCBK).  In addition to configuring the clutch/brake software we also programmed for additional die monitoring and programmable limit switches.  The control system was integrated with an industrial PC (programmed in VB and supplied by others) that provided a screen interface for the operator.  The controls also had to be integrated to a feeder/flattener system that fed a continuous strip of material to the press when the press was in continuous mode.  




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