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Custom Visio® Templates

One of the most time consuming factors of CAD is symbol creation.  At Titan Controls and Integration we have selected Visio as our CAD program and are now offering our extensive library of electrical and electronic symbols to engineers who also use Visio and are looking for this additional resource.  These symbols take advantage of SmartShapes® technology, making CAD designs quick and easy.  Our library currently consists of over 100 templates, and of those, many are used to represent multiple symbols (eg., a set of contacts is one template that through its custom properties can be selected to display either Normally Open or Normally Closed contacts).  This reduces the number of symbol templates required and thus, reduces the time looking for them.  It is also helpful during the design phase as symbols can be changed with a click of the mouse rather than having to drag-and-drop a new symbol and reassign all the associated parameters.

Some of these symbols include:

  • Operator devices - pushbuttons, selector switches, pilot lights

  • Power products - fuses, transformers, disconnects, motors

  • Page references - line numbers, cross references

  • Controls - relays, timers, sensors, transducers

  • Connectors - wires, wire numbers, junction points, plugs

  • Programmable devices - PLCs and modules, HMIs, Drives

  • Electronics - resistors, capacitors, inductors

  • Generic - allows you to create your own devices

Microsoft Visio1 is required for use of templates.  Please contact us for more information or current template pricing.



As the example below shows, each device has a number of custom properties associated with its symbol.  When a symbol is dropped on the drawing page from the stencil, the custom properties window is displayed, allowing the user to modify the contents immediately.  These properties can be modified at any time by double-clicking the symbol.  Symbols are "locked" to prevent inadvertent changes to sizing or text fields.





























1 Visio® 2003 and later.  Microsoft, Visio, and SmartShapes are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.




Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1000 PLC - catalog no. 1761-L32BWA


  • 120 VAC power supply

  • 20 Digital Inputs

  • 12 Relay Outputs

  • Series E, FRN 1.0

This PLC is in like-new condition and has only been used for pre-testing experimental programs.  For more information regarding this item, click here.






If you are interested in any of the above items please contact us.




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